Saturday, 27 October 2012

I ran away from home

I have been a little bit slack on the blog posts these last few weeks.

Commuting, work and worry have just been kicking my butt and have left me feeing pretty darn exhausted.

Not one to settle for such a feeling, I decided to take matters into my own hands last week and give myself a break.

My darling sister and brother in law were overseas for a holiday, which meant their unit was empty. So I packed up my bags, kissed the husband and Paris goodbye and spent two nights alone in the city where I could have some time to myself and a break from the commute for a couple of days.

On the first afternoon I took myself for a cheap Thai massage (my usual masseuse was booked out) and while this was far from ‘glamorous’, what with the lovely receptionist’s phone ringing with LMFAO every few minutes and the sound of the busy street outside, it was exactly what I needed.

I ate Thai takeout, I watched the Kardashians, I slept in until 645am each day and I stopped for gluten free banana bread on my way to work.

It was bliss.

And while I know those of you with children etc are not in a position to run away from home whenever you please, I guess the point is that when you’re feeling overwhelmed (tired, sad, stressed or all of the above) there is usually something you can do to help you get through.

Not to necessarily make it better or fix the problem, but to help you make it through the day or the week. Because sometimes that's all we need. 

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Saturday, 13 October 2012

This week

This week I wrote a guest post about commuting for my friend and blogger of ‘Homespun Bliss’ Jodie. Read it here.

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Thursday, 4 October 2012

What happens when you stop

I have wanted to update you all on my weekend health retreat, but I actually needed a few days to recover and reflect on what I took away.

It wasn't entirely what I expected and for a variety of reasons, I found it quite challenging. Not only because I discovered terry towling robes were not permitted outside the 'spa' waiting rooms, but because being forced to stop and face yourself can be a really hard thing to do. 
At my health retreat; 
  • I remembered the importance of stopping. That is, stepping off the constant roller coaster that is commuting, work, stress, plans, parties, family, life. Stepping away from people, from email, from facebook. Stepping away from it all and stopping to actually look at what I’m doing, what I’m thinking, what’s stressing me out, what’s making me happy, where I’m going, and underneath all the layers of bubbly exterior, what I am actually feeling. For me, I need to make a clean break. To go away, to avoid distractions, to leave my phones at home, in order to sort through all the crap and all the excuses and really stop and feel. I hope this won’t always be the case, that eventually I will find that stillness within me, but at this moment, it was so important for me to take the rather extreme measure of spending my long weekend at an old boy’s boarding school turned health retreat in order to take stock.

  • I remembered the value of meditation. Sitting cross-legged in the silent garden, listening to the birds and the breeze and my own breath, I remembered the answers to my questions exist within me, if only I make the time and space to listen.  

  • I realised that while I have taken positive steps in the health department, the painful headache I suffered from detoxing from sugar and caffeine showed me I still have many more steps to take on my food journey.

  • Through some of the activities over the weekend, especially creative arts, I rediscovered parts of myself. I was reminded who I am. It is so easy to forget.

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